Stay Poor, Stay Happy

by Cub Country

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This is the second full-length release from Cub Country.


released October 19, 2004

Written and Produced by Jeremy Chatelain.
Recorded in Brooklyn, NY / Salt Lake City, UT / Chapel Hill, NC / Chicago, IL by Craig Schoen, Spanky Van Dyke, Jeremy Chatelain, Chris Traynor, Andy Patterson and Nick Petersen from 11/2002 to 3/2004.
Mixed by Brian Paulson.
Mastered by Tom Hutten.
Cover design by Tyler Gourley.
Photos by Russel Daniels.



all rights reserved


Cub Country

Cub Country is a band formed in 2001 by Jeremy Chatelain (former member of Handsome and Jets To Brazil). Over the course of 10 years Cub Country made 4 long playing records. The "band" consisted of a revolving door of members and was based in Brooklyn, Chapel Hill and Seattle at different points. "Repeat Until Death" is the band's final posthumous offering. ... more

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Track Name: Be Yer Own Hitman
I'm driving down your old street, the tenth time today
I listened to the same song, and I drove away
I never tire of seeing, your old man's car
Out front in the driveway, telling me I should be
Far away from here
You answered the telephone, while you were asleep
And you sounded tired but said we should meet
We looked at some photos, that you tried to keep
You told me where you'd been and it sounded deep
And far away from here
Please can I stay, for one more hour today
I won't be long and I'll be gone
Watching you wave goodbye
Now I'm not so sorry for listening to your stories and talking
Weed out your collection, do it fast and clean
Just take what you can now, and leave them out to bleed
Alone and far away
Please can I stay, for one more hour today
I don't belong, so I should be gone
You can watch me wave goodbye.
Track Name: The Salt Islands
There's a lone stone house down a desert cul-de-sac
A Father's hands made alone
The Family names are carved in the cement
Where the pine tree stood is a brand new neighborhood
And everything they made is worn and torn away
There's a swimming hole down near the gravel pit
That people dare to jump in
So you went first and when I took my turn
You were gone without a trace or sound
But I swam on pretending I was fine
History's no mystery where it stopped from you to me
There are never words left to explain
How my days turn to nights
You disappeared from sight
And I lost all of your things along the way
There's a truck outside waiting in the pouring rain
Just to drive away
From a Mother's tears she's held onto for years
You'll go into the night the rest of your life
To follow things you have never seen
But you have faith and you have hope
That all you've known is not just smoke
That rises up and blows out through the trees
That will lose their leaves as the seasons please
To show the year has died and gone away
Long nights with no starlight
Traffic chokes up the West Side
The radio is singing for you alone
As you leave this world behind
There's a light that shines down from the Empire State
That reaches all across town
Pulls people in on a spoon made of tin
With the promise of some bread and an easy death
Whatever you could want, whatever you can get
Now you know everyone in here a cigarette another beer
But when all the barstools are clear
Who will know your fear as it draws so near
And you turn away again and disappear
Track Name: Good Job Jer Blues
An hour to the city gates smokestack breathes Indiana lays
Under skeletons of trees floating on frozen lakes
Out in the distance I can see the tower rise
An exit from the Interstate in the heart of Chicago
Three story buildings cover every block I know
Will Milwaukee take me where I need to go?
I stepped into an elevator with some people that I knew
I told them where I'd like to go and what did they do?
Turned around and pushed the button
And everyone walked out
So disjointed again most of these streets never made sense
But the wind gets colder as you get older
With patience thin it's hard to wait
Standing at the very gate that drove you here
Old Midwest under pale white skies
See the sun in the car headlights
And ever-fields with lone red barns
Staring back into your car
I made my way up toward the top
Past the people that got out early on and better for it
But somehow I ignored it
The car was running and it was time to leave
So disjointed again most of these streets never made sense
But the wind feels colder as you get older
With patience thin it's hard to win
Standing at the very gate you can't get in
Somewhere out on the open road
You're sure to drive across the tracks
The one's that mean a part of your life ain't coming back
And when you get there you may pause
But you'll go on
So disjointed again none of these streets ever made sense
But the wind is colder now that you are older
With patience gone it won't be long
Singing the very song that drove you on
Track Name: Missed The Train
I stayed up late again last night and could not face this morning's light
All this trying to move a mountain that won't move for any one soul
And the daylight ain't no good anymore
I see the crowd moving somewhere can i just sit and stare at them
Somewhere in the thick of it I know you're tired and sick of waiting
Check your watch and wonder where could I be?
If I'm too late you should go on without me
I may have missed the train
Or I could be somewhere waiting for the moment
To pass me by again
We could walk around this city on a silver sidewalk hand in hand
If I could leave this room, leave this window view like I planned
But the sun don't shine outside like it does in here
If I'm too late you should go on without me
I may have missed the train
Or I could be somewhere waiting for that moment
To pass me by again
I can't tell if I've been here before
Only one thing that I know
I could spend my time just wasting time
I could spend it all indoors
If I'm too late you should go on without me
I missed the train again
But leave a message for me and tell me where you will be
When I come out again
Track Name: If We Should Fall
In winterland the sun comes up and tries to warm the day
9:00 you're out the door and walking to the train
Behind the glass the man stares out and doesn't say a word
The train arrives and you slip in to join the silent herd
Oh the mundane things that today will bring
On the street the shuffling feet that pass you in the fray
Towards rows of jobs one window in let go of the day
They'll try to block the sun but it cannot be done
If you are lost somewhere along the day
I will try to be a light and help you on your way
Now you're home your mind will roam and sort through all the things
I know it's hard to recognize the good that this day brings
We won't give in we'll try and make the life that we had planned
Some things you try are cold and dry and blow away like sand
But only for now we'll figure it out somehow
If we should fall somewhere along the way
I'll be there for you my dear no one can take your place
Oh the things that tomorrow brings
You will see them through with me and never fade away
Track Name: O Holy Bridge
O my bridge asleep at night bathed in light
My bridge tonight
Through this fog and Winter ice
We can barely see the street
For the neon signs
We walk down below the ground
Can I have a cigarette to pass around?
We'll join in the drunken din
The flicker of the candlelight and the bar we're in
Holy Bridge high above me
Feet in the river head out to sea
We will be all right tonight
Yellow car to another bar
We'll stay awake tonight singing your old songs
We call this home the city's always on
The flashing lights and planes fly by
Til the morning comes
Tunnel deep under the sea
Shooting through me in my sleep
As I speed back home at dawn
Track Name: Leaving The Bar
Up to the bar with your head in your hands
Your friends are the stars and the sky is their bed
You're stuck down here and it's all that you have and it's nothing
The voice in your head echoes just what was said
The laughter in here makes you wish you were dead
But everyone 'round is a ghost instead and they're nothing
The longer that you wait the more that they can take
And if you do nothing at all how will you know a mistake?
Been followed around by the clouds from outside
Longer than you will admit to or hide
Wipe off your nose and dry out your red eyes and feel something
Because it's waiting above and it's waiting below
The stares on the street that shoot right through your soul
From people who hurry with someplace to go when you're nowhere
The longer that you wait the more that you will ache
And if you do nothing at all how will you know a mistake?
You look up from the pages to see who's around
No one sees no one this far down
Know you can escape know that you can get out if you need to
So you follow your heart out and put up your hand
A car on the street stops to let you right in
It shines like a star and when you get in you are shining
Please don't make this mistake it's more than you can take
And if you need to let go who'll be the one to know
Yeah if you need to let go you are the one who knows
Track Name: The West
Main Street is nothing but concrete
Laid down on a desert floor
Does it seem to stretch forever back and forth
What happened to the empty spaces
Open places that you had found
Let your light not be a gun to you
Don't let it weigh you down
Say goodnight to the valley
With it's twinkling porch lights
What makes pain so sacred
A temple you can never leave
How was the West won
A bullet in a gun
Buildings and concrete
Mountains and cross-streets
What happened to the empty spaces
Open places that you had found
Let your light not be a gun to you
Don't let it weigh you down
Track Name: 59 Grand
A church spire so bright and cold in the night
Stabs at the moon and bleeds red sunlight
On the New Jersey pike
You took a bus Upstate I guess
I should not compare you with the rest
But sometimes I still do
The cold air is thick and I've just stayed sick
Are you thinking of me have you met someone yet
Well I met someone new too
She lives near the bridge next to the train
That shakes the brick walls and it keeps me awake
Staring at the river lights below
Should I wake her up or let myself out
The skyline's so bright I can't sleep at all
And I don't know where I am
Would you believe me if I said that I like it
What could compare to the life that I've found
You sound so happy in all of those letters
Well I'm so happy for you
We work late at night where people pack in tight
My whole life seems so pale next to this moment now
Then after work when it's time to leave
She'll pick me up to wander the streets
And help me forget what I know
A red bird still sings at night in my dreams
The prize of the City that doesn't have wings
Can't leave and neither can I
Would you believe me if I said that I like it
What could compare to this life that I own
All those new faces and cold dark places
Will you even recognize me?
On the City bus oh you should see us
We ride so high and smart but her smile still breaks my heart
Track Name: The Sun
At the end of the night you are all alone
You've done all there is your heart is like stone
Your voice is all gone your shirt smells like smoke
You wave to a cab that gets someone else
You just want a ride back home by yourself
You're watching the East to see the first breaking dawn
Hallelujah for the sun
A new day has just begun
And you are who you want to be