Stretch That Skull Cover and Smile

by Cub Country

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This is the third Cub Country full length release.


released October 27, 2009

"Stretch" was recorded in the magic 4: Chapel Hill, NC / Salt Lake City, UT / Seattle, WA / Brooklyn, NY.
Recorded by: Andy Patterson, Jeremy Chatelain, Nick Petersen and Chris Traynor.
Mixed by Andy Patterson at The Boar's Nest, SLC, UT.
Mastered by Tom Hutten.
All artwork and layout orchestration by Adde Russell.



all rights reserved


Cub Country

Cub Country is a band formed in 2001 by Jeremy Chatelain (former member of Handsome and Jets To Brazil). Over the course of 10 years Cub Country made 4 long playing records. The "band" consisted of a revolving door of members and was based in Brooklyn, Chapel Hill and Seattle at different points. "Repeat Until Death" is the band's final posthumous offering. ... more

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Track Name: On Yer Own
Horses huddle close against the coming snow
They cower in the dark for fear of fire or a shooting star
Beneath the mountain strange and high
When you are young this herd is where you grow
You cut off your face just to spite your nose
And who knows which way the wind will blow
Today you are here but tomorrow you'll go
To be free of love
If the fire spreads and the stars drop 'round your head
Those horses they'd go mad and run right back where they began
Beneath the statues in the sky
Why would you leave your friends and your family
And dig up the roots of this weak little tree
And run off to the bowels of a city
To live in the heart where the blood rushes deep
Coming down is hard
There's no one who'll recognize
Your face in the morning light
And who remembers your name
Against so much fame
And over time you seem to disappear
You hang out in bars with a phone in your ear
And who cares for the stories you tell
When the language you use has all changed as well
Won't you come back home?
Track Name: Painted Flowers
Will you follow me when I leave
Go and pack up all your things
The city's full I've got no space
And it's past time I left this place
Could you go where I call home
The two of us could be alone
No one's knocking on my door
That just ain't my life no more
Painted flowers red and blue
I spilled wine across my shoes
It reminded me of you
And I watched the moon slide across the sky tonight
It's been five thousand miles so far
And I keep staring at our star
The sky's a swimming pool
I hope that's where you're looking too
Hello to this ceiling
Staring back at me
Tell me what you see
I can see your bedroom light
From the motel room tonight
Can see where you lay down to sleep
And pray the lord your soul to keep
Painted flowers red and blue
I spilled wine across my shoes
It reminded me of you
And I watched the moon slide across the sky tonight
Track Name: Red Carpet
Roll the red carpet out to
Meet them waiting in their cars
Fill the air with desperation
Like a dog that won't stray far away
Put the glad hand over shoulders
Act like you give a shit
Pay for laughs and pay for dinner
It still won't mean a bit
It don't mean nothing at all
Peerless poets have brittle hearts
Buying bags from someone in the park
Will they come down in your reach
Or will they scatter out on the beach
You'll never hear them sing
You will search forever
And comb the wreckage of some average life
To find there's nothing new
Just a lonely soul like you
Now the kids have learned to smile
When happiness is not worthwhile
So crawl away it's time to leave
And wonder was it worth the chase
It's real this time we know
These old ghosts have broken hearts
Sending postcards from somewhere in the dark
Will you see them come back home
Or will they scatter, happy just to roam
And sing their songs alone
Track Name: Lone Tall Pines
Somewhere out among the pines
I built a fire of hanging vines
And let it burn while tree-tops turned and swayed
A welcome home to my new friends
Out where the blacktop ends
And trees cast shadows that surround you
My heart feels buried deep
Under Union Street
Let's pack it up and slip away
To a house out in the woods
That's covered by some slow green vine
The air might do us good
Oh lay me down in another town
And show me something good
And now everything has changed
And I can't seem to find a place
For all I've saved
I've walked along old city streets
Cold canyons dark and deep
And it felt like the end to me
I come from lines of worry
And ships that never sailed to sea
And all the hometown misery
Please take me from this place
Let's find another space
We'll pack it up and run away
We'll forfeit just to go
And we'll pretend to be the ones
That everyone should know
Oh lay me down in another town
Convince me it's my home
Track Name: Slow Ascending
From the car the pavement path will fray into the sky
Where pilots passing by the sun won't look into the light
They put their faith in Jesus Christ and kiss a good luck charm
To be alone and to be free would make the pilots cry
Oh you'll take me wherever I will roam
Closer to your ground now
This house will be my home
If you leave may you have speed and windows full of light
The trees grow thick and give the dark a place where it can hide
And city streets are full of kids who search until they die
To be young and nowhere fast if feels the most alive
But you'll leave me when I need you most
I can't stay in this place
Though it feels like home
Up, further up now please let go
Up, further up now please let go
Track Name: After The Song's Been Sung
After the song's been sung
The lines on your face become
The only real path you can trace
Past where you've been and who you belong to
Even in the arms of someone new who loves you
You've stood on stages
And charmed all the faces
And had all the fun you could stand
Sometimes they want you
Sometimes they need you
Sometimes you are so gone they look right through you
Oh don't leave unless they carry you
Down from that pedestal on high
Though you've found a new home
You'll still feel alone
Just don't forget your goodbyes
You've been living through the words they offer you
How does it feel to die
Now the pages are turned and the memories are burned
The song only lives for one night
Now you are wrapped up in the ribbon of your life
Heated with fever and driven just to write
Will you just bleed out that ribbon to the sky?
Will the angels translate your cries?
Please don't take us back there
To places we can't stand
The mood's not right in these towns at night
What is this curse on our heads?
What is this curse on our heads?
Track Name: Smith-Level
Will you start the movie
So I can see the moment
Dark and late and blurry
That I can't recall was me
A blank stare for the faces
I marvel at the places
That I would not set foot down
Again in this life
Now the Devil guides me on
Down Carolina roads
As the darkness greets the dawn
I head for home
Will I cry to spirits
Blurred on the horizon
That I strained to believe in
Since I was young
Is there some direction
That we should take the car in
For we are driving too close
To places I was born
Now the Devil drives me on
Down snaking vines of roads
When we laugh and sing
It drowns out everything
Friends are few who stand by you
Through the darkness in your life
But there are those who drink with you
And make it seem all right
There's gravel in your mouth-hole
And Neil Young's on the radio
And slamming on the breaks will
Freak out the birds
A touchdown for my rival
Is christened by a spider
Whose misty morning webs spread
Thin 'cross my door
And the Devil heads back home
As I fumble for the door
And all my shit is scattered on the floor
Track Name: Where Are You?
As I'm watching the moon change
I will wonder where you are
Under bright lights down in Soho
Or in San Francisco bars
And I don't really care I just want to know
There's the restaurant where I met you
I walk past it every day
And I stare in through the window
At the people's dinner plates
And I can't eat in there any more
There are places that we needed to survive
Breathing and alive even now
And will they keep you if you fall away
Somehow I don't think so
Did you ever get too drunk out
In the woods in the rain
And listen to the trees
As they creak and they complain
Well I feel that way now I just want you to know
That I had to write it down and let it go
There are places that we needed to survive
Breathing and alive even now
And can they keep you if you fall away
Have you been down to Love City
To meet up with the man
Did he tell you that he needs you
As he took hold of your hand
And let it go too soon
And left you with the moon
But I've got that moon too, it reminds me of you
Track Name: A Northern Passage
I am a fool who waits in line
With my suitcase in my hand
To board the Noreaster Train
Outbound Penn Station
Where will she spit us out
Somewhere off beyond the bridges
I can't smell the ocean air
Past the Tappan Zee
Does ocean air remind you of me?
Who's gonna answer your door
When I come knocking
I can see the kitchen light shine
Down on your new friend
Does he talk like I do
Will he make you laugh too
I stood where he does
And I stared straight into you
Why would I do this to myself now?
And in the coming weeks you'll
Feel it getting colder
I'll make a mess of your life
And leave before it's over
Somewhere in the platform night
The late train pushes to the light
And as they punch my ticket
I open up my eyes
To see fluorescent lights
And my home station
Everyone here is a stranger permanently
What I'd give to try it all again
I know that nothing's easy
Or simple with you and me
And as I turn to leave you
There's just cicadas humming
Track Name: Dear Ghost Of Angie Lee
Oh Angie Lee, Dear Ghost of Angie Lee
Up high in your tree
Where the birds still sing, hope will ring
Won't you come down to me
You're too pretty in the sun
And dark when moonlight comes
Oh stay a while with me
Oh Angie Lee, you would sing so sweet
And tell me everything
Where you had been, and who you had become
Since you lay next to me
You've been away so long
That I fear you are gone
And I lay alone in an empty home in the trees
Oh who's light cast down in your eyes
And who's hand held you as a wife
And promised you the sea
And all that I could not give thee
And then took your light from me
Oh Angie Lee, I'm down on my knees
In grasses cold with Spring
Underneath this tree, where you first came to me
I will fall asleep
And I'll be dreaming of the sun
And weep when moonlight comes
Now I lay alone near cold headstone with thee
Track Name: Not Long For This Life
It's so dry and clever, does it make you want to die
All the words you chose and then spit into my eye
But I understand
Why you think this makes me your man
In front of everyone
I was born to feel like when I show up I should leave
You were there to make me feel empty and complete
And you were born an air sign
To a life that's cut open wide
Now you're lost on some sidewalk reeling
But you left a trail while you were bleeding
I was made for you
And you were made for me
But I'll not stand by you
No you're not long for this life anyway.
Track Name: The Stars Drip Down
May the stars drip down in light on you
And you close your eyes to see the moon
And sleep will pull you through
May the starlight find you
Dreams of sand out in some desert wide
That will blow all day into the night
And there will come a new dune
May the sand wash over you
Somewhere out in the old ocean tide
Where the seaweed and the starfish hide
You'll float away on waves of blue
May there always be a moon
Then the morning light comes gently in
And you wake to sunshine and the wind
Whose whispers will be true
May I always have you